Reasons to Make the Switch to Electric Furnaces


For the ones searching for an alternative to oil and gas furnaces, electric furnaces may be the solution. If you need a new furnace, you might want to give consideration to switching from oil and gas to electric. Below are 5 reasons why!

Improvement in Safety

One reason to switch includes electric furnaces being safer. An electric furnace doesn’t use oil or gas, and therefore can’t make harmful gas or oil leaks in your home. Also, they can’t generate carbon monoxide; therefore, your loved ones are safe from this severe risk. Lastly, they don’t use fire to heat the house; therefore, they’re less of a fire risk.


Usually, an electric furnace costs less than gas models of a similar size. That may also be a benefit, because furnace installation is a big investment. Saving funds on this investment can be beneficial.


A lot of homeowners assume they’ll spend more to operate electric furnaces, but that is not necessarily the case. So long as you maintain it well, it can be a more efficient solution. 

Readily Available Source of Fuel 

An electric furnace is a smart decision because electricity is always readily available no matter where you’re located. Some areas of the country have less accessibility to delivered oil or might not have natural gas hook-ups, which makes an oil or gas-burning furnace a challenge to operate. If you own a house, it already has electrical service; therefore, it’s possible to enjoy heat whenever you like.

Longer Lifespan

No matter which kind of furnace you pick, you’ll spend a considerable amount to get it installed. Once you buy an electric unit, you’ll likely receive more years of use out of the furnace, because electric ones have a lifespan of more than two decades, as compared with 10 to 15 for gas furnaces. They contain fewer parts that wear over time, allowing them to last longer.

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