Considerations For Selecting a PVC Pipe Cutter

Before choosing a PVC cutting tool for your workshop or a toolbox, it is suggested that consumers learn more information on the various kinds of cutting tools, their cutting capacity, as well as blade material to pick the most suitable pipe cutter for them.

PVC Cutting Tool Types

In terms of PVC cutter types, users may select from many different choices, which include the following:

  • Ratcheting versions are good for single-handed usage because of their ratcheting system. 
  • Manual variants have hook-shaped appearances that have an opening with a cutting wheel that cuts through the pipe. 
  • A spring-loaded model is easy to use; however, may cause substantial strain on a user’s hands. 
  • Electric ones are the simplest to use; however, they’ll rely upon a battery pack for power (fully charged); therefore, if its battery is not charged, electric cutters are useless. 
  • Handsaws aren’t exclusively utilized for cutting pipe; however, they’ll work if the other kinds are not available or if the pipe is too large for a pipe cutter’s jaws. 

Blade Replaceability and Material 

The pipe cutter’s blade is among the most critical parts because it has the job of cutting through the PVC. The blade may be a serrated cutting edge, a flat cutting edge, or a circular cutter wheel, depending on the kind of pipe cutter. Pick the kind of cutter that’s appropriate for the job, and conduct research on blade materials. Search for products that have steel, heat-treated blades resistant to corrosion and rust.

Cutting Capacity

While on the hunt for a new PVC pipe cutter, consider the size of the pipe that is going to be cut to make sure that the cutter jaws are able to fit around the pipe. 


Whether you use an electric, spring-loaded, or manual PVC pipe cutter, it is vital that you consider the ease of use, grip, and any other features that might improve the tool’s ergonomics. Padded handles that have soft grips will increase a user’s comfort, which makes it more convenient to slice through PVC pipe without having to strain one’s hands.

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