Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home’s Entryway

When it pertains to selecting the best home entryway lighting, you should begin by considering the entryway’s scale and any mirrors, artwork, and furniture you may want to highlight. Choose lighting fixtures that complement your home’s design and architecture while casting the proper glow. You will not find a stringent set of rules that state precisely what kind of fixture you should use in all situations, but Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. has some lighting ideas to get you considering your options.


A chandelier adds a glamorous, bold look to a home’s entryway, and it comes in a number of styles, which includes sleek drums and cage designs, colonial candle styles, or elegant crystal chandeliers. Pick a fixture that is proportional to your entryway’s space. For instance, if the entryway has more than 75 sq. ft. of space, seek a chandelier that has a diameter of 12” – 18″. A smaller entryway looks better with a smaller chandelier unless you’re looking for it to serve as a focal point. 

Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling lighting does not need to seamlessly blend in the way that some lighting does. If you do not have space for a chandelier, ceiling fixtures are a smart way to add visual interest to an entryway. Select from bold, contemporary, elegant, or traditional styles that add a dynamic feel and fit your home. From track lighting and semi-flush mount to flush mount ceiling lights, ceiling lighting offers versatility and casts pleasant ambient lighting. Track lighting is an excellent choice for highlighting certain works of art or areas, while all ceiling lighting adds a gorgeous glow to an area without having to limit overhead space. 


A pendant works equally well in traditional and modern spaces, and it’ll add radiance to an entryway while also drawing eyes upward to create an illusion of a taller space. Pendant styles range from chandelier-like, single designs to smaller pendant clusters. You can use a series of smaller pendants that illuminate a lengthy hallway-like entryway, or a large, single model for a smaller space.

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